Bruce Marshall Group - Cotuit Center for the Arts - 2018

Bruce Marshall Group - Cotuit Center for the Arts - 2018

How it all began

The Bruce Marshall Group was formed in 1991 and originally had an 8-piece lineup. Their first CD, “Love of the Ride”, was released in ‘92 and featured 10 new originals, including the song performed by the Toy Caldwell Band, and the ASCAP songwriter award winning “If Dreams Were Money”. Their second CD, “Sneak Preview Volume 2″, was released in ‘97 and featured 10 new tracks with a five piece unit. “Kalispell”, was released in 2003 includes 14 songs, 11 new Bruce Marshall originals and covers by Tyrone Davis, Toy Caldwell and Chris Rhodes. The CD boasts world-class songs and amazing performances and production. Their newest release is entitled “Misspent Youth” and came out to rave reviews in 2010. The single “Three Chords and the Truth” features duo partner James Montgomery on harp and is receiving extensive airplay. These 12 classic Bruce Marshall tracks are among his best efforts to date and showcase the band’s musicianship, arranging and production. You won’t find any filler on this record and the new release pushes the band to new heights.

The Bruce Marshall Group live show treats their fans to a soaring ride as they rip through a catalog of original material that truly sets this band apart. They love to mix it up, whether it’s pulling off exciting jams that build with dynamics and layering, or playing the concise arrangements of their songs with discipline and taste. The sound defies categorization, slipping seamlessly around touches of Blues, R&B, Rock and Southern Boogie. The interplay between Bruce and longtime guitarist Dave Cournoyer is the heart and soul of their performances and they always deliver. The songs are mostly upbeat, but even those dealing with love lost and missed opportunities, carry an underlying sense of hope and optimism. The band continues to work tirelessly and must be experienced live to be fully appreciated.

Bruce Marshall

Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Dobro. Bruce writes all the songs for the group and creates melodies that stay with you after the first listen. His infectious energy on stage sets the tone for the live show and keeps his crowds always coming back for more, giving his all for every single performance. Known as a powerful and expressive vocalist who sings with emotion and conviction, whether it’s an all out rave up or a sensitive ballad. He favors a melodic style of lead guitar rarely heard today and is featured on slide with his trademark steel body dobro throughout the set, which has become a crowd favorite. Influences include Duane and Greg Allman, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson.

Dave Cournoyer

Guitarist/Vocalist Dave Cournoyer has earned a reputation for “coaxing seemingly impossible sounds from his instrument”, and has mastered the art of re-inventing himself every night, almost never playing the same lick twice. Totally at ease with over the top solos or sweet subtle lines, he possesses a soaring vibrato and builds his solos from a whisper to a scream. With a myriad of sounds at his disposal, David has a gift for creating just the right parts for the original material. He never fails to mesmerize the crowd and truly is the group’s “secret weapon”. He’s taken his slide work to another level. Sings lead and backup vocals, joined the group in 1995. Formerly with The Shittons, The Vex, and The Rubies. Influences include Hendrix, Beck, and Clapton.

Glenn DiTommaso

Glenn DiTommaso has been a fixture in the Worcester Massachusetts area as a "go to" bassist and when top notch talent comes to town he gets the call. With a relentless groove and tasteful approach to the instrument he locks in with Pete Premo as the foundation of the Bruce Marshall Group. Glenn's many projects include the Silverbacks, lead by Cliff Goodwin, musical director for Joe Cocker. Playing Four string, Five string and stand up bass he brings depth and diversity to our sound.

Pete Premo

Pete Premo has been playing drums for over 30 years. He began studying the rudiments and reading at the age of 10 and then began formal classical percussion training at 15. At age 19 he attended Berklee College of Music where he majored in Percussion and Audio Recording. He later continued his education elsewhere and got a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering. Pete has had vast experience playing in a variety of musical genres from jazz, to classical, to blues and rock. Some of his prior gigs were with Tornado Alley, The Blind Tiger Swing Posse, The Cliph Band, Affirmation, Blues Food, Chet Williamson, and Big Town Blues. He has also shared the stage with Luther “Guitar” Johnson, The Fools, and James Montgomery. We are psyched to have Pete back with the band the original “groovemeister!”

Steve Roberge

Tenor saxophone, harmonica and backup vocals. Occasionally you’ll find Steve adding his touch on tenor sax and harp to the Bruce Marshall Group. When he was a (much) younger blues harp player, some of the best advice he got was that most times, it’s not what you play, but what you don’t play. Listening to and learning from the likes of James Cotton, Little Walter, Junior Wells and Magic Dick, Steve knew there was still something missing. After honing his chops on harp, he added the sax to his arsenal when he was 25.  Sil Austin and Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson were some of his earlier influences. “I used to tape Mai Cramer’s blues shows every weekend, and jam to them during the week. I still listen to those tapes!” Some of the bands Steve has played with include the Red White and Blues Band, Sweet Roy and the Soulful Blues, Roxanne and the Voodoo Rockers, Common Knowledge, and he can be seen… and heard!...fairly regularly, laying down some dirty sax lines at the Village Trestle on Sundays. What does Steve like most about playing with BMG? “The opportunity to branch out. I’ve been playing the blues forever, but I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of learning different styles. It’s opened another door for me. Bruce and BMG is a class act! I’m thrilled to be a part of it

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Special Guests

Jeff Majeau
A long time veteran of BMG Jeff anchors the group on bass and has the rare ability to play with restraint and understatement while driving the band to a fever pitch. A consummate professional, he creates the perfect bass lines for the original songs, totally at ease with swing, shuffles and straight ahead rock and always plays with the utmost sense of taste and dynamics consistently night after night. Jeff has developed a unique “stand up” sound that works so well with the rest of the unconventional lineup. Just when you thought you heard him do it all, he cuts loose during a solo feature and takes you to the next level. Jeff truly enjoys playing music and conveys that on stage, he joined BMG in 1999 and can currently be seen playing with The Chris Fitz Band.

Tim Fiehler
Bassist Tim Fiehler is a longtime veteran of the Boston area and New England music scene, filling in the low end for numerous groups through the years. His experience runs the gamut of musical styles and types...Originals, Covers, R+R, R+B, Blues, Jazz, Country, Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, and more...and he loves to play it all! An in-demand player, backing a number of bands and artists, he appreciates the chance to be able to contribute to the Bruce Marshall Group.

John Donahoe
Multi-talented John Donahoe adds color and texture to the group on Tenor Sax, Fiddle, and Mandolin. John’s support lines and blistering solos are a major part of the excitement of the live show and helps define the group’s unique sound. His sax work really sells the blues/R&B material and the fiddle is great in the country blues numbers. It’s fun to watch crowd reaction as he lays down one of his smokin’ sax solos and then picks up the fiddle and proceeds to blow the roof off the joint! The mandolin is a nice touch and meshes beautifully with guitar and dobro. John will appear on selected dates as he continues to persue additional solo and duo dates on his own.

Andrew Renault
Andrew decided to make the bass guitar his primary instrument just 4 years ago, and has quickly become an in-demand sideman and collaborator. Valued for his inventive playing, versatility and raw musicianship, Andrew has performed and recorded with many artists, including Beneath the Sheets, Manifest, and singer/songwriter Brian Bergeron. He also occasionally leads his own band, Interstate Zen."
His infectious energy, work ethic and taste on the instrument are exactly what the band was seeking in a bass player and he’s gelled nicely into that role. Drummer Pete Premo and Andrew have really locked in and make a potent rhythm section that drives the songs while controlling the dynamics of the band.

Bud Maclellan
The group can also be heard in an acoustic format called “Treated and Released”, and features many different songs and varied arrangements of the electric numbers. Drummer and Percussionist for “Treated and Released”, Buddy MacLellan played with Bruce in their first professional band “Whitecap”, and have come full circle once Buddy came aboard in ‘97. Buddy has developed a “niche” on percussion with his expertise on the “hybrid” drum kit – congas, hand cymbals, kick drum, chimes, and hi hat, all played with monster technique, using his bare hands!! The result is a latin influenced sound with a warm, woody tone and is offset by his trademark rim shots and “pops” to drive the group. Plays many different styles with conviction and is very conscious of dynamics, which contributes to the excitement of the band.

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