Welcome to my quarantine classic video!

First responders and health care workers are on the front lines every day, virus or no. My heart goes out to every one of them. I especially feel for those in NY, many of those who lived through 9/11 and the clean up have underlying lung issues. Please keep all these brave public servants in your hearts and stay home, stay safe and help to lighten their load. 💗 https://www.garysinisefoundation.org/

Michelle and I wrote “Engine 54 Battalion 9” as a tribute to the firefighters, first responders, doctors and all who were heroes during 9-11. We met many of them when we played at their yearly week long stay at “Family Camp” in Damariscotta, ME for 19 years and we’re proud to call them dear friends.

These brave and selfless people are making us proud again, we send a heartfelt thanks to all during this difficult time while you work to keep us safe. You’re all heroes to us!

This video was shot by our dear friend, the late Alan Louden at a house concert at Pipers Playpen, Wolfeboro, NH

Here’s another Quarantine Classic, “Restless Soul” is the title cut of my solo acoustic CD and my most requested original next to “Kalispell”. Compositionally I tried to make each verse a mini story un to itself and tie it all into the hook. Those of you who know the area, the road between Bethel and Rangley ME is known as The Height of Land...written years before I moved to ME. Enjoy and thanks! Sending Love and Light to all. 

Hello Friends, Here’s another installment of Acoustic Renditions. Lots of requests for “Kalispell”, the title cut from my third release, enjoy! 

Hi Friends, hope you’re all hangin in there, I know we’re going to beat back this virus and music will help with that. We couldn’t possibly endure being stuck in our homes without it. Keep those amazing songs coming across our feeds, it’s our lifeblood! 

This is the third video from my quarantine classics basement session, aka Acoustic Renditions. After getting tons of requests (keep em coming) the top two were “This ‘Ol Cowboy” by Toy Caldwell and my own “Kalispell”. I had two more originals done but couldn’t use due to signal problems. Kalispell next! Tips not necessary but always appreciated!

Like many of my peers, Marshall Tucker were a huge influence when we first started playing out. I knew a fair amount of their material before founder Toy Caldwell hired me to join his post Marshall Tucker band. It was an experience I’ll always hold dear and I’ve been keeping his music alive ever since. “This ‘Ol Cowboy” appears on my Kalispell CD and will always be a fave and one of my most requested songs.  In tribute to my old boss here’s a solo rendition I hope will make you smile and maybe ‘Ol Toy is smilin too.

Hi Friends, thanks for checking in, here’s the 2nd installment of “Acoustic Renditions”, the basement videos we’re putting out for your enjoyment. Michelle and I wrote “Short on Cash” back when we bought our cabin 7 years ago. It appears on the latest Bruce Marshall Group CD “Borrowed Time”. Click HERE to purchase music.

Be safe, be well!


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